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The Home Building Experience Reimagined

At UrbanLUX, we are the leaders in custom, luxury homes in San Antonio, offering a professional and streamlined 10-step building process that prioritizes your lifestyle and budget, with over 600 floor plans to choose from and a commitment to high performance, quality builds, and customer satisfaction.
Patrick Hamann
October 17, 2022
June 10, 2023
4 min read

As leaders in custom, luxury homes in San Antonio, we build homes that enhance your lifestyle while maintaining a focus on your budget. Our process is professional and streamlined; concentrated on quality, all while partnering with you through our comprehensive 10-step building process. With over 600 floor plans to choose from, our designers will get you the best results for your families dream home.

Including amenities is part of the process of how we build homes. There are many features to choose from; high-performance building, super V, whole home filtration, energy efficiency, DC Lighting with low voltage, full foam Insulation, etc. We are committed to high performance and best quality builds. Most of the custom home builders in San Antonio give substandard build and overall experience. With over 4,000 homes built so far our customers have a 99% satisfaction rate! 

We only use mechanical engineers to ensure the design and structure to ensure that optimal design and energy efficiency not just an HVAC professional. When you build tight and ventilate right and you’re able to control the amount of fresh air being brought in so that you can get a better experience in the home. Our homes can last generations when incredible design and no shortcuts. We are competitive when it comes to your budget, but we do not sacrifice on quality. 

UrbanLUX has the experience and knowledge to truly guide you through the process as well as provide the brand name finishes that you trust. We'll guide you and you can choose the finishes and materials for a truly custom experience that is all your own.

Ready to build your dream home? Give us a call today! 

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